Focus on Student Development

We help students develop a deep desire to learn, improve and become more creative



We are now accepting applications for September 2021.


A Global Focus
and Mindset

Students are encouraged to view the world as their classroom and have a global mindset

"Global Mindsets Through
in Education"


Oxis is an international school based in Trinidad and Tobago. Our syllabus is based on holistic learning, diversity, individual development and integration through teamwork. Students are prepared for internationally recognized qualifications, giving them access to further education worldwide.

Our culture promotes inclusiveness. Members of our learning community are treated with equal encouragement, expectation and value.


We Understand
Unique Needs

Every student is unique and has different learning abilities. While we tailor most children’s education for a holistic and comprehensive learning experience, we know at times that some students have needs which are better served in a more focused setting. Teachers and parents may realize that a child might better benefit from a smaller classroom experience and tailored activities with trained specialists who understand a child’s particular needs and abilities.
At Oxis, we’re sensitive to the needs of children who are gifted, have learning (dis) abilities or learning differences. You can talk to us about your unique situation, and we will do our best to help you and your child