Registration at OXIS is easy and electronic. Registration can be done in a few simple steps in less than 10 minutes:

Step 1 Fill out the application form. This can be done here:

Step 2 – OXIS reviews the application and, if thought fit, schedules an interview with the both parents where possible. In the interview, an assessment is made regarding the suitability of the parents and children for OXIS. We may request a second interview for this purpose or to see any family members that were missing from the first interview.

Step 3 – If acceptable, OXIS will issue a confirmation of acceptance and advising you which school your child qualifies for as well as a statement of fees applicable to your child or children. If the candidate is not acceptable, OXIS will decline the application in writing. We will not generally state our reasons why.

Step 4 – Once you have paid and are in good financial standing with the school, OXIS will issue an electronic receipt along with further instructions about book lists, uniforms and school start dates and times.

And that’s it. You’re part of the OXIS family!

Note: OXIS reserves the right to refuse any application