A student-centred approach

A student-centred approach is taken in our assessments. As part of the application process, students will be engaged and assessed to better understand their learning styles, stage of psychological development and readiness for various levels of school.

The assessment strategies chosen for a student will match the individual learning styles of each student as much as possible. Assessment of student learning at all grade levels will be conducted using a combination of formative (coursework) and summative (end of semester) testing.

The instruments used for student assessment include: Online Quizzes, Electronic Portfolios, Presentations, Projects, Multiple Choice tests, Practical demonstrations, Paper and pencil tests (structured, problem solving, essay type questions).

A choice of study paths

A student may progress from Grades 1 – 8 and then choose the American or British strand to continue through Grades 10-12. Students who display outstanding progress in Grades 6-8 may choose a combination of the American and British strands to pursue in Grades 9-12.
Regular reports will be shared with parents and children and the school operates a high-engagement, high-feedback model so that both parent and child understand the student’s progress.
We will assist your child with university applications abroad. We will also keep track of scholarships offered and make you aware of these. For the UK system, OXIS will assist you with navigating the Universities and Colleges Admissions System (UCAS).

OXIS also offers preparation for SAT examinations for US-university admissions.
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