The OXIS school year is divided into Semesters with a total of 40 teaching weeks (Semester 1=19 weeks, Semester 2= 21 weeks) which begins in the Second week of August and closes in the second week of June in the following year. With the school vacation dates being published well in advance, parents have ample time to schedule family holidays.

The school day starts at 7.30 am with 7 teaching periods (4 before lunch and 3 after lunch) of 45 minutes each. There are 5-minute breaks between the teaching periods with an extended morning break between 2nd and 3rd Teaching periods of 15 minutes and a lunch break of 40 minutes between the 4th and the 5th Teaching periods.

The morning periods will largely focus on teaching and the afternoons on more experimental and experiential work, including homework, to reduce or eliminate homework and the associated stress on parents and children at home.

Extracurricular activities are scheduled between 2.35 pm and 5.30 pm.


School Level

Grade Level

Age Group




Lower school

1 – 5

5 – 11

Middle school

6 – 8

11 – 15

Upper school

9 – 12

15- 18

OXIS Advanced



Class Size: 15-20 students. This promotes effective teamwork and healthy group dynamics.

Length of Teaching Periods: 45 Minutes

School Hours: 7.30 AM TO 5.30 PM.

Students not enrolled for extra-curricular activity on a particular day may leave at 2:30 pm2ns