father and son

Our promise to parents

Attendance at OXIS, as with any international school, represents a significant financial commitment. From the initial assessment to Upper School graduation, your child will receive customized and focused education geared towards the development of a global mindset which should assist them in university life in the developed world and future employment.  We are committed to ensuring that parents receive an above-average return by producing a worthy graduate who is properly educated, solutions-oriented and globally cultured.

Schoolwork is for school.  OXIS takes responsibility for your child’s education, relieving you of the strain of doing further work when your child gets home and the stress of excessive homework and projects for your children by having dedicated tutors on hand to do the work with students after formal teaching is complete.

At the end of the school day, it is expected that your child’s schoolwork will be already completed.  After pickup, you can then enjoy them fully as families are meant to do, and they can be allowed play and relaxation time when they get home.
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