Enhancing Learning

Expanding and extending learning with Cambridge subjects to enhance prospects for university and beyond


OXIS+ is our response to requests from students who are currently enrolled in a public school but who want to take additional subjects in the Cambridge system to either reinforce what they are learning in school or to expand the range of subjects they are doing to enhance their prospects for university study and the world of work.

Classes are online during evenings of the week and in-person on weekends at the OXIS Notre Dame campus.
Persons attending Second School qualify as OXIS Learners and can write all Cambridge Examinations at our Campus Centre.

Subjects available are:
Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry
Chinese (Mandarin), Ecomomics, English, Enterprise
Global Perspectives, Information and Communication Technology
Mathematics, Physics, Spanish, Business
Digital Media, Marine Science, Sociology
Law, Biblical Studies, Islamic Studies, Hinduism
Divinity, Psychology, Design