Code of Conduct

The Oxbridge International School “Code of Conduct”, is founded on three pillars:

  • Parental Respect
  • Student Behaviour
  • Academic Integrity

The OXIS Code of Conduct acknowledges the importance of personal conduct and deportment to our educational community. Effective schools are schools which understand that student achievement is a complex affair and is affected by several factors.  One factor that can never be underestimated, is the manner of engagement between parent and school.

Embodied within our Code of Conduct is our intention to ensure that everyone at OXIS is respected, and that they always feel safe and connected.  Through dialogue and discussions on appropriate behaviour, an environment of trust among staff, students and the parent community is achieved.


OXIS expects that its staff will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.  We do not wish to replicate the adversarial engagements observed in other schools – here, a superior standard applies since we are training children to the highest standards of behaviour possible.  The OXIS focus is on harmony and the creation and maintenance of a positive learning environment for all children attending school with us.

OXIS will therefore seek to work with parents to engage positively with staff and other students, so as to serve as an example for all students to follow.  Please remember that in your engagement with the school that bullying, harassment, threats, insults, contempt, sarcasm, disparagement and embarrassment of staff and students will be considered inappropriate behaviour and will not be tolerated. 


The OXIS expects students to demonstrate respect in the following ways:

RESPECT towards every person in the School

This means recognizing the equality of all persons:

  • according respect to members of every race, religion, culture, gender, and age
  • using language which reflects due respects for self and others
  • bullying and intimidation, play fighting of any sort and any “hands on” behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • harassment with regards to sexuality or race will be dealt with seriously

RESPECT for property 

This means:

  • demonstrating respect for the property of others and the School
  • using care to maintain a clean, litter free school
  • posting only those notices and bulletins that have been approved

Tampering or theft of another’s or the School’s belongings will result in serious consequences as well as re-payment of any costs involved.

RESPECT for oneself

This means student responsibilities include, inter alia:

  • arriving on time and prepared for classes
  • regular attendance
  • providing notes from parents/guardians for absences
  • observing the policy prohibiting the use of alcohol and drugs
  • observing a smoke-free environment
  • wearing the uniform appropriately
  • giving your best effort at all times

OXIS recognizes that the majority of students are self-disciplined; that corrective actions suggested by this Code will apply only to a minority of students and are only a reminder of what is expected and will aid to motivate self-control as an essential and positive attitude.

Guidance by all staff is intended to convey to students, as clearly as possible, that students are being supported in becoming co-operative, fulfilled global citizens, while fostering their own individualities.



  1. If an acceptable explanation has not been provided, a parent/guardian will be contacted.
  2. If the attendance pattern does not improve, a parental interview with the Vice Principal or Principal will be required.
  3. Where unauthorized absences or late attendance continue to occur, withdrawal from School may result.



OXIS is a secure environment and at no time is any parent or student to allow anyone without the proper authorization to enter any facility in which OXIS children are placed.  The directions of staff and OXIS security are to be followed at all times.


All students at OXIS have a right to equal treatment.  No student is allowed to harass or discriminate against another student(s) because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, family status, or disability.

Although the intent of discipline at OXIS is to teach and to guide, harassment is a form of discrimination and is not tolerated at OXIS.  Harassment may take many forms and include:

  • physical (or other unwelcome contact)
  • verbal (belittling, offensive remarks, threats, insults, jokes or hostile comments)
  • physical or verbal teasing (including derogatory nicknames)
  • written or visual (graffiti or display of offensive and hurtful materials designed to exclude or marginalize their target)
  • intimidating (leering or obscene/offensive gestures)
  • inquiries or comments about a sexual gender
  • practical jokes which cause awkwardness or embarrassment, endanger safety or negatively affect others
  • unwelcome physical or sexual contact
  • inappropriate use of the Internet to harass or intimidate

Incidents of violence/abuse will be investigated. The School promotes an atmosphere where students feel safe and welcomed and are treated with due respect and courtesy.   As such, acts of harassment or discrimination are considered serious matters and may result in suspension or withdrawal.



Academic Honesty and Integrity

It is the responsibility of students to be academically honest in all aspects of their schoolwork. A student who cheats on tests, or presents the work done by others as if it were his/her own (plagiarism), is being academically dishonest.

We require that the faculty at The Oxbridge International School Limited be responsible to:

  • teach the students to function with academic integrity
  • teach proper referencing of resources used by them
  • use technology that ensures that Learners hand in original work, avoiding plagiarism.
  • practice the Academic Integrity Policy that has been put in place, taking into consideration the unique nature of each situation
  • ensure that new students are abreast of the expectations and skills required at the respective grade level at which they are entering.

We believe that our students:

  • must demonstrate honesty in all academic endeavours as students of OXIS
  • must take an active role in the learning process
  • have a responsibility to understand and abide by the Academic Integrity Policy


We believe that students learn more effectively in an environment in which appropriate behaviour is consistently expected. This greater sense of security and well-being is a fundamental precept for student achievement.

When inappropriate behaviour occurs, the School will confer with the student(s). A parent may be contacted, and a further meeting arranged in more serious or repeated situations. As a result of the discussion process, one or more of the following consequences may occur:

  • detention
  • restitution: financial or other
  • behaviour contract
  • loss of marks
  • suspension
  • expulsion


The suspension or expulsion of a student is the result of a serious breach of conduct or a series of repeated breaches of conduct.

The suspension or expulsion of a student may occur in any of the following circumstances:

  • Parental Abuse of Staff or Students
  • Leaving the School’s premises without authorized permission
  • Habitual neglect of duty
  • Wilful tampering or  destruction of School property, including fire safety equipment
  • Use of profane or improper verbal or body language
  • Conduct injurious to the moral tone of the School
  • Conduct injurious to the physical or mental well-being of others
  • Purchase, Possession, Distribution or Use of Tobacco products, Vapes or Controlled Drugs/Substances or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Possession  of any weapon, fireworks, or toy weapon
  • Engaging in dangerous pranks or other activities that pose threats to personal or others, safety
  • Theft
  • Where the student’s behaviour seriously jeopardizes the ability of the School to guarantee the dignity or safety of its students or interferes with learning due to acts of discrimination or harassment or other prejudices.

The withdrawal of a student may occur when:

  • A student disregards or does not abide by the rules and regulations of the School
  • The School determines that the student’s conduct or performance demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to be productive within the School community
  • A parent/guardian or other individual closely associated with the student fails to cooperate with the School or disregards or does not abide by the rules and regulations of the School
  • The School determines that the continued attendance of the student in the School is not in the best interest of the other students of the School
  • The School determines that the continued involvement of a parent/guardian with the School is not in the best interest of the student, the student body or of the School
  • Unsatisfactory academic performance
  • When the student is no longer able to benefit from the programme provided the School.
  • Other reasons as determined by the sole discretion of the School


The area of jurisdiction includes school property, school functions off campus, and all other school related events including excursions, field trips or any other school related activity when students are off school property.  The school’s jurisdiction extends beyond the above if a student’s conduct concerns the use of alcohol, controlled drugs/weapons, the commission of a criminal offence or conduct amounting to a criminal offence or if the student’s conduct brings or tends to bring the name of the School into disrepute.