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A safe space

There are endemic issues regarding bullying, violence, vaping and substance abuse in schools locally and globally. OXIS is a safe space and a zero-tolerance policy is adopted restricting children from activities such as substance abuse, threatening behaviour, violent conduct, discrimination in any form and social media abuse, including trolling.

Students will be taught how to deal with these issues as part of the life skills development work at the school. Students also have the option of karate as an extra-curricular activity which promotes awareness and the avoidance of violent encounters.

Drop off and pick up will be conducted under the supervision of school security as well as a teacher. Children will only be passed into the custody of a parent or approved person of whom OXIS is properly informed.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your child is physically and psychologically safe at school. The school has a qualified counsellor to assist children with any difficulties they may have
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