Semester One: Monday 14th August 2023 to Friday 26th January 2024

Monday 14th August to Friday 1st September 2023
Staff preparation for Face to Face and Blended Teaching
Monday 4th September & Tuesday 5th September 2023
Student Orientation
Wednesday 6th September 2023 to Friday 19th January 2024
Teaching (18 weeks)
Wednesday 4th October 2023
Trip to President’s House (LS)
Starting: Friday 6th October 2023
Sustainable Agriculture Project (Planting fruit trees and Guest Lecture by Dr. Omardath Maharaj) (Biology/ 4H/ Science Activity)
Wednesday 11th October 2023
Trip to President’s House (MS/US/AL)
Thursday, 12th October 2023
Día de la Hispanidad
Wednesday 18th October 2023
Prize Giving Ceremony
Friday 20th October 2023 (All Learners)
Ortinola Chocolate Factory Fieldtrip
Friday 27th October 2023 to Thursday 2nd November 2023
Mid-semester Exams
Saturday 4th November 2023 to Monday 13th November 2023
Mid-Semester Break
During Mid-Semester Break
Scuba training and bubble maker training
Tuesday 14th November 2023
OXIS DIVALI celebration
Friday 17th November2023
Spelling Bee (Preliminary) (EY, LS, MS)
Thursday 14th December 2023
OXIS Christmas Concert/Art Show
Saturday 16th December 2023 to Monday 1st January 2024
Christmas Break
Tuesday 2nd January 2024
Teaching Resumes (ALL Grade Levels)
Monday 22nd January to Friday 26th January 2024
End of Semester 1 Assessments
Friday 15th December 2023
Holiday Party

Semester Two: Monday 29th January 2024 to Friday 28th June 2024

Monday 29th January 2024 to Friday 14th June 2024
Teaching (19 weeks)
Friday 2nd February 2024
Sports Day
Friday, 9th February 2024
OXIS Carnival Show
Saturday 10th February to Sunday 18th February 2024
Break for EY, Lower & Middle Schools
Saturday 10th February to Tuesday 13th February 2024
Break for Upper, AS & AL Schools
Thursday 22nd February 2024
Spoken Word (Debate/Poetry/ Story Telling/ Speech/ Table Tennis)
Friday, 22nd March 2024
World Math Day
Monday 18th to Friday 22nd March 2024
Mid- Semester Assessments-(EY & Grades 1-9)
Saturday 23rd March to Monday 1st April 2024
Mid-Semester Break
Wednesday 3rd April to Wednesday 10th April 2024
Mock Exams (G10-13)
Continues from Tuesday 2nd April 2024
Exam preparation
Friday 19th April 2024
Spelling Bee (Finals) (EY, LS, MS)
May 2024. (A) iGCSE , AS & AL exams. (B)PROGRESSION TESTS (Grades 3-8). (C)CHECKPOINT (Grade 6&9)
Monday 17th June to Friday 21st June 2024
End of Semester Assessments
Monday 24th June to Friday 28th June 2024
End of Semester Activities
Thursday 27th June 2024
Graduation Dinner and Dance