School LevelAge RangeAnnual Fees
OXIS Early Years3+$3,050
OXIS Lower School5+$5,400
OXIS Middle School11+$7,500
OXIS Upper School14+$9,500
OXIS Advanced16+$11,500

Fees are set in US dollars. Foreign students must pay their fees in US dollars.

Local students can pay in Trinidad and Tobago dollars at a conversion rate of $7TTD to $1USD.


At OXIS we try to keep things simple, so we’ve collapsed all your fees into one annual payment. In keeping with our ecologically responsible position, this keeps parental transaction costs and complexity down, reduces administrative drag and allows us to focus on what matters — teaching and developing our children.

1. Tuition. All costs for tuition are covered and there are no additional costs for any subject being done other than lab fees.

2. Cambridge registration. All our students are in Cambridge-registered schools at Lower, Middle and Upper Levels and take Assessment and Checkpoint exams to monitor progress and provide comparisons with other Cambridge International School students all over the world.

3. Textbooks (latest versions) for all subjects as available. OXIS is a low-ecological-impact school and issues only e-books to minimize deforestation. We use the latest editions of books to ensure that our learners are exposed to concepts at the cutting edge. Your children will be using the same textbooks as those in the top schools in the world.

4. Campus Fee. This covers firewall security, software licences and the technology platform for teaching. OXIS uses the best technology in the world in support of your child’s learning, so that they are ready to work internationally when they graduate.

5. Uniforms. Included in your fees are two school polos, one games tee or polo with the school logo embroidered, and one pair of trousers for boys and trousers or skirt for girls. Costs for school trousers and skirts are subsidised (but not fully paid for by the school) and these are made to order for each student.

6. OXIStudy. Our after-school programme is the envy of the world and is rooted in our philosophy that schoolwork is for school. This programme provides homework support and extra lessons, as well as examination preparations for children after school on a school-scheduled as well as an as-needed basis. Using the OXIStudy programme, there is no need for extra lessons.

Fees do not cover Cambridge test and examination fees, optional extracurricular activities by external providers, co-curricular activities, or field trips – any of which may incur small additional costs. It also does not cover foreign trips and independent certification for our OXIS Dive Program. As you would expect, these are undertaken on an optional basis only.

If you decide to register, fees can be paid by cheque, ACH, cash or by standing order. Cheques should be made payable to ‘OXIS’.

As part of our commitment to care for our common home, receipts will be issued electronically and not printed on paper.

Note: All fees are non-refundable. Additionally, if a student is not in good financial standing, parents are required to pay all fees and interest outstanding immediately.