OXIS Preschool$1,850$1,200
OXIS Lower School
(Grades 1-5, Ages 5-11)
OXIS Middle School
(Grades 6-8, Ages 11-14)
OXIS Upper School
(Grades 9-10, Ages 14-16)
OXIS Advanced (Ages 16-20)$6,000$3,200

Application and registration fee: $150

Fees are set in US dollars. Foreign students must pay their fees in US dollars.

Local students can pay in Trinidad and Tobago dollars at a conversion rate of $7TTD to  $1USD.


1. OXIS and Cambridge registration. All our students are in Cambridge-registered schools at Lower, Middle, Upper and Advanced Levels and take Assessment and Checkpoint exams to monitor progress and provide comparisons with other Cambridge International School students all over the world.

2. Textbooks (latest versions) for all subjects as available. OXIS is a low-ecological-impact school and issues only e-books to minimize deforestation. We use the latest editions of books to ensure that our learners are exposed to concepts at the cutting edge.

3. The OXIStudy programme. This is the after-school homework and study programme to assist learners with homework, supervised groupwork, topics they are having difficulty with, past paper practice and examination preparation. It eliminates the need for extra lessons. This applies to Grades 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12

4. Capital Contribution. This covers wear and tear on the infrastructure of the school and ensures that our physical spaces are world-class, clean and safe. It also covers the cost of high-speed network and internet access, firewall security, software licences and the technology platform for teaching.

5. Security. This  contributes to the school infrastructure and manpower to ensure the protection of all OXIS children at school, either online or in person.


To assist those who wish to pay in instalments, a payment plan is available.

Payment Plan. 50% of the annual fee is paid upfront, the remainder within 4 months by irrevocable standing order only. This option carries an increased cost of 10% to parents because it carries an increased cost to the school. Using this option, an August 2021 registration would have to be paid off by November 30th 2021.


If you decide to register, fees can be paid by cheque, ACH, cash or by standing order. Cheques should be made payable to ‘OXIS’.

As part of our commitment to care for our common home, receipts will be issued electronically and not printed on paper.