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A Safe School

We aim to maintain an environment where violence, drugs and bullying are not problematic, students are not discriminated against in any way, and the expectations for acceptable behavior among learners and staff are clearly communicated

Your child's safety and security is a priority at OXIS

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There are issues of violence, violence and substance abuse in schools locally and around the world. OXIS is a safe space and a zero-tolerance policy is adopted, restricting children from activities such as substance abuse, threatening behavior, violent conduct, discrimination in any form and social media abuse, including trolling.

As part of the life skills development work at the school, learners will be taught how to deal with these issues. They have the option of extra-curricular activities which promote awareness and the avoidance of violent encounters.

Promoting respect for others

Learners can also take part in activities that promote and encourage tolerance and respect for others, and to promote peace and harmony within the community.

Learners will be taught to look at the world from a global perspective and to consider how their actions affect other people and the world around them. They will also be taught about the importance of being considerate towards the environment.

The school has a strong commitment to community service and encourages its students to participate in voluntary work. This is done through school-wide events and community-based initiatives. Learners are also encouraged to volunteer in their community and develop their leadership skills.