What curriculum does OXIS offer?

British and American curriculum streams are offered. The British stream leads to iGCSE examinations and the American stream leads to the SAT examination.

Is this a boarding school?

No, it is a day school. Foreign students in other Caribbean islands may be accepted for education by distance.

Will meals be served?

No. Students can bring their meals and there are a number of nearby restaurants which can be ordered from by the receptionist and received safely at the school. A café offering nutritionally balanced meals on order as well as cold sandwiches will also be available. Parents can also enjoy a hot coffee at the School and are encouraged to visit.

Will my child have to write the SEA?

No. We do a Cambridge Checkpoint Assessment at Grade 5 (around 11 years of age) and students flow automatically to OXIS Middle School and Grade 6.

Does the school educate nationals, expatriates or both?

Both. OXIS is an international school preparing children to attend university abroad and for global life.  Expatriates and Local students who wish to develop a global mindset are the target population.

Will students with special needs be considered for admission?

Yes. Special arrangements can be made for this on an as-needed basis at an additional cost for gifted and special needs students.

How large are the classes?

We keep our classes small and focus on individual learners. At present all our classes are below 10 children and our student to teacher ratio in the school is 3:1. We will allow this to expand to a maximum of 6:1 for the 2021 academic year.

Can parents visit?

Parents are welcome to visit the school by arrangement for coffee and to chat with teachers.

Why aren't you doing Literature in Middle School?

Up until middle school, English Language and Literature are combined. They separate out in Upper School as examinable subjects for iGCSE.

Can a parent communicate directly with a teacher?

Our model of engagement sees a high degree of communication between parents and the school. Most parent discussions are initiated by the school, consistent with our policy of proactive communications.

If my child misses school, is there a way for them to catch up?

Yes, if you let us know then the lesson plans can be shared with your child via email, message or call. Your child may be able to participate in some classes online, and arrangements can be made for a tutor or teacher to make up classes if necessary.

I spend a lot of time doing my child's homework and projects

OXIS takes responsibility for the educational development of your child. Most homework and projects will be done at school, with the assistance of teachers or teaching assistants, to help reinforce the concepts taught in class. This approach also makes your child’s school bags considerably lighter!

Is music on the curriculum?

Yes. Violin, Piano and Guitar are offered. Singing is also offered. Choral and Orchestral experiences will be encouraged.

What extra-curricular activities are offered?

There are more than 18 extra-curricular activities encouraging cardiovascular health as well as mental and skills development. OXIS has an aquatics focus. Therefore open-water diving, water polo and swimming are important features of our programme. There will also be chess, table tennis, football and applied science clubs.

What about social graces?

Your child will be trained in:

  • public speaking,
  • table etiquette (including table settings),
  • orders of precedence,
  • toasting,
  • greetings and farewells and interactive social graces.

OK, where do I apply?

You can apply for your child at study@oxis.edu.tt. You can also click here for more information.
If you are a teacher, and this school sounds like it’s the right fit for you, feel free to apply to us at teach@oxis.edu.tt

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